Imagine this scenario; you’re just about to drift off to sleep, mind and body retiring into restorative inaction after a long and taxing day, when suddenly, you’re jolted out of the grips of slumber by a disconcerting crash. Your heart is pounding eight hundred times a minute, your sweat becomes like beads of ice, and your mind becomes a wide screen of chaotic static that you can’t fully comprehend before it materializes into a terrifying realization; your home has been broken into. You don’t know where in the home it happened or what the intruder’s intentions are, but you do understand that you’ve got no way to defend yourself and the phone isn’t charged enough to make a call to the authorities. Petrified for the safety of your belongings and loved ones, frustrated with the fact that someone would be so callous as to break into your private property, you wrestle with the idea of what to do next. Continue Reading