The Best Accessories to Get for Your New RV

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Sep 19

I have always wanted to go on an extended road trip and a recreational vehicle (an RV, or a motorhome) is the perfect vehicle for the job. As it turns out, RV holidays are very popular these days, especially among younger travelers and families. You can pick up one for a relatively affordable price or you can choose to rent an RV for shorter trips.

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Buying the RV is just the first step. Thanks to the extra interior space and the way RVs are designed, you can actually customize your RV to suit the kind of road trip you want. Here are the best accessories to get for your new RV.

A Solar Panel

There is a large space on the roof of the vehicle and the best way to utilize that space is by installing a solar panel. There are kits designed specifically for RVs and they are both affordable and easy to install. Different kits generate different amounts of power, but you can easily power most electrical appliances in the RV and charge the battery during the day.

Getting a kit with a built-in battery is the way to go. Once the battery is charged, you can use it to power the appliances at night without tapping into the RVs internal battery or generator. You are also making the whole RV experience eco-friendlier since you no longer relying on petrol or diesel to power the vehicle’s generator.

A Comfortable Interior

Another great thing about owning an RV is that you can customize the interior to suit your tastes perfectly. You don’t have to settle for furniture and appliances designed for home use either. There are products designed specifically for RVs, complete with features that will make your road trip more comfortable.

RV sofa recliners, for example, have bases that can be mounted to the floor of the RV. This means the sofa will stay in place when the vehicle moves. Comfort-wise, the best sofa for RVs is just as comfortable as your favorite chair at home.

Most of the furniture for RVs are also designed to have multiple purposes to conserve space. You can get a sofa-bed or a folding table to maximize the use of interior space. You can even have a custom cabinet set fitted to enjoy more storage space without sacrificing comfort.

Kitchen Accessories

The kitchen is an important part of the RV. You spend a lot of time preparing meals and drinks in the kitchen, which means investing in handy and functional appliances will make the whole trip more enjoyable too. My personal favorites are a frozen drink maker and the Aeropress coffee maker, but there are other appliances to choose from.

Electric stoves are gaining popularity among RV enthusiasts. Paired with the solar charge we talked about earlier, you can cook or reheat meals without having to carry canisters of butane or extra cans of fuel for cooking.

This addition alone will make a road trip in an RV saver and more convenient.

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