Nov 30

How To Make Money From Home

By NoManToYou | Technology

Many people dream of travelling for a living, and with the advent of the internet and the rise of home focused jobs, this dream is become more of a reality each day for people all across the country. Even if your goal is just to spend more time with your friends and family and give yourself a break from the daily stresses of a nine to five job, there are options out there for you. Thinking for yourself, understanding your skills and improving upon them, are all ways that you can get the most out of your job and to succeed in setting up a career where you make real money from home. You can also just find small jobs and freelance work from home that can give you a bit of extra money on the side, and possibly help with different components of your career. Whatever the case for you is, working from home is a great way to make real money, and here are ways that you can start doing just that today.

The first thing you should do when you’re looking to make money from home is to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your skills. You should understand what you can and can’t do and what it is that you need to do for the rest of your life. If you need to get the most out of your job, and you find that the one you are in has no opportunities for growth, working from home can be a great way to relieve that. A dead-end job can lead to hours of stress and work that goes nowhere. Instead, investing in yourself and become a freelance worker, or finding time to work on your own and build up your repertoire is a great way to get the most out your time, and to make sure that you have the potential to growth.

Learning on your own is another great way to make sure that you get jobs working from home. There is a ton of information out there on the internet, but it does take dedicate and time management skills in order to get the most out of that information. If you want to learn something new, or work on a project that you think can be valuable to your future, it’s a great idea to make the most out of your time and to organize yourself and start yourself on a journey of learning and growing your skills. The first way that you can do this is to make a schedule. Making a schedule is a great way to understand what you can to do and to organize time for yourself to get the most out of your freelance position.

The next thing you’ll want to do is to do research. Research is important in finding jobs out there that can go with your skillset. There are many opportunities for working remotely, or finding freelance positions but the most of the one’s that you will find from a simple Google search, aren’t going to be long time positions. In fact, they probably won’t pay well either. The best thing about these easy to find jobs, however, is that they can offer you the experience and practice that you need to start working on your own and make the most out of your career field. Check out city pass and get to know more about the places you’re writing about, and you’ll make your travel writing far more exciting. Doing things like this will improve your writing and give yourself expertise and experience in the field.

Sep 19

The Best Accessories to Get for Your New RV

By NoManToYou | Life , Technology , Travel

I have always wanted to go on an extended road trip and a recreational vehicle (an RV, or a motorhome) is the perfect vehicle for the job. As it turns out, RV holidays are very popular these days, especially among younger travelers and families. You can pick up one for a relatively affordable price or you can choose to rent an RV for shorter trips.

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Buying the RV is just the first step. Thanks to the extra interior space and the way RVs are designed, you can actually customize your RV to suit the kind of road trip you want. Here are the best accessories to get for your new RV.

A Solar Panel

There is a large space on the roof of the vehicle and the best way to utilize that space is by installing a solar panel. There are kits designed specifically for RVs and they are both affordable and easy to install. Different kits generate different amounts of power, but you can easily power most electrical appliances in the RV and charge the battery during the day.

Getting a kit with a built-in battery is the way to go. Once the battery is charged, you can use it to power the appliances at night without tapping into the RVs internal battery or generator. You are also making the whole RV experience eco-friendlier since you no longer relying on petrol or diesel to power the vehicle’s generator.

A Comfortable Interior

Another great thing about owning an RV is that you can customize the interior to suit your tastes perfectly. You don’t have to settle for furniture and appliances designed for home use either. There are products designed specifically for RVs, complete with features that will make your road trip more comfortable.

RV sofa recliners, for example, have bases that can be mounted to the floor of the RV. This means the sofa will stay in place when the vehicle moves. Comfort-wise, the best sofa for RVs is just as comfortable as your favorite chair at home.

Most of the furniture for RVs are also designed to have multiple purposes to conserve space. You can get a sofa-bed or a folding table to maximize the use of interior space. You can even have a custom cabinet set fitted to enjoy more storage space without sacrificing comfort.

Kitchen Accessories

The kitchen is an important part of the RV. You spend a lot of time preparing meals and drinks in the kitchen, which means investing in handy and functional appliances will make the whole trip more enjoyable too. My personal favorites are a frozen drink maker and the Aeropress coffee maker, but there are other appliances to choose from.

Electric stoves are gaining popularity among RV enthusiasts. Paired with the solar charge we talked about earlier, you can cook or reheat meals without having to carry canisters of butane or extra cans of fuel for cooking.

This addition alone will make a road trip in an RV saver and more convenient.

Jul 15

How Staying in an Airport Hotel Can Save You Money

By NoManToYou | Technology

No matter how much we all love traveling, there is a shared feeling that the act of traveling can wear one down. As much as many people do enjoy the act of flying and the experience of going to new places it can be a tiring process. Despite assumptions some travelers have, staying in at an airport hotel may actually save you money in the long run.

Many people have spoken about being on the fence in terms of whether or not they were going to stay in an airport hotel. Read on to see how you may actually save more money in the long run by choosing to book airport hotels.

Save Money

Don’t make the mistake to assume that airport hotels are automatically going to cost a lot more. In many instances, especially if you book ahead, airport hotels are on par with competitors in the area. There is also the cost associated with getting to a “cheaper” hotel outside the airport. Bear in mind too that if you are coming and going at late evening or early morning, most taxi companies will charge an even higher rate to drive you around at those times. So make sure you factor in all the costs associated with your room.

Save Time

Undoubtedly, staying at an airport hotel will save you time. Even in the best case scenario that your plane arrives on time, you quickly gather your luggage, walk out to a line of taxis and there is someone there ready to take you away, that still can add up to a lot time. Not to mention that not all taxi drivers are the same. There has been plenty a driver lost in the middle of the night trying to find your cheap hotel only to take you around in circles before finally delivering you to your location. Whether you are traveling for business or for a vacation trip, you want to maximize all the time you can.

Earn Rewards

The great news is in many instances not only can you be saving time and money, most likely you will be able to earn some great reward points. Many hotel offers are from the Hilton, Marriot, Radisson, Holiday Inn, Premier Inn and other major hotel lines.

Be Refreshed

Perhaps still one of the biggest benefits to booking an airport hotel is you will be more refreshed and better able to ward off the ill effects of jet lag. Even if you do not have terribly long lay overs, if it’s enough to catch a few hours of shut eye, it might be well worth it for you. If you are traveling for business, ensuring you are well rested to make the best decisions possible will be a key component to making the most of your trip. If you are traveling for leisure or recreation, you will want to be able to maximize all of your precious vacation time. You want to do everything you can to lessen jet lag and traveler fatigue so you can enjoy as much of your trip as possible.

As you plan out your next business trip or vacation, don’t assume that staying in an airport hotel will cost you more money. In a lot of ways, it can save you a lot more than money in the end.

Jun 28

Investing in Bitcoin

By NoManToYou | Technology

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency payment system that was released to the public in 2009, but became popular in the last few years. There is a cap of 21 million bitcoins and this finite number has made some investors view Bitcoin in a similar way to gold (which is a finite resource). With the significant gains that the currency has made over the last few years, investors around the world have been buying and investing in bitcoin.

How to Invest in Bitcoin

Different countries have different ways of buying bitcoins and you need to understand the options available in your country before you can begin investing in Bitcoin. Developed countries have more options available and there is higher liquidity in these countries as well.

The simplest way to invest in bitcoin is to buy it from an established firm that buys and sells the cryptocurrency. You can buy from a company where it is even possible to set up auto-buy orders for bitcoins. These automatic buys generally do not give you a choice in the price you pay for the bitcoins. There are companies that operate across the world. There are also companies that pair potential bitcoin buyers and sellers with the exchange taking place offline. Alternatively, it is possible to trade in bitcoin on a bitcoin exchange. There is relatively high liquidity in the Bitcoin market with people always available to buy or sell. The price of bitcoin is set by what people are prepared to pay and is generally listed as the price of one bitcoin. However, sites often allow you to buy a set amount, even less than one bitcoin.

Before you invest in Bitcoin it is worthwhile to analyze charts and historical data. As Bitcoin is a global currency it is important to look at global politics and economics, as opposed to local issues, when considering how Bitcoin’s price will be affected. There are tools that can be used to analyze Bitcoin charts.

Investing in Bitcoin for the Average Person


Bitcoin has many attractions, particularly its gain over the last few years. It gained more than 300% from 2011 to 2012 and in the last year it has gained around 400%. In the first half of 2014, venture capitalist companies made 57 million investments in Q1 and 73 million investments in Q2. However, bitcoin is a particularly volatile currency which can be inactive for long period of time and then swing up and down in short periods of time. Bitcoin cycles can last only a year or so, which is a much shorter timeframe than stocks. This volatility means that bitcoin may not be a suitable investment option for the average person.


Bitcoin has been around for less than a decade making it a new currency and new investment opportunity. Before you begin considering investing in Bitcoin it is important to understand how Bitcoin works, the impact that global politics and economics can have on Bitcoin and the impact that Bitcoin can have on the world.

Jun 26

Adventuring Advice

By NoManToYou | Life , Travel

When it comes time to head out for your Summer vacation or other trip, there are a number of factors to take into consideration to make for the smoothest trip possible. You don’t want to ruin your trip by forgetting to pack some essential or forgetting to book a hotel room, because the last thing you need during your break from the world is for the world to come crashing down on you unexpectedly. Here are some tips to make for the best possible vacation this Summer.

First and foremost, you’re going to want to book everything in advance. This means accomodations, transportations, events, rental cars, etc. Make sure your hotel room is secured as early as possible so you have all the time you may or may not need to cancel. Likewise for the other items on this list. You want to be sure everything is taken care of ahead of time, and you also want the maximum amount of time to able to cancel if your plans are forced to change.

When it comes to packing, it is of the utmost importance that you don’t forget the essentials. For starters, make sure you take your toiletries, such as toothpaste, your toothbrush, and deodorant. You’ll also need enough clothes for each day of the trip and some backups, just in case. You also want to make sure, absolutely sure, that you don’t leave behind your ID and passport, if needed. These items are of the kind you cannot afford to forget. Make sure you have enough money, both in card form and the form of cold, hard cash to suit every situation. If you’re in need of supplies, be it for adventuring or just around the house, stocking up at Sam’s Club is the right way to go. Buying in bulk will save you a ton.

travelling to iceland
Jun 20

The Ultimate Guide to Travelling to Iceland

By NoManToYou | Life , Travel

Iceland is one of the destinations that more and more people put on their bucket list each year. Tourism is booming thanks to long stopovers on flights from Europe to the United States and Canada. It’s become affordable in recent years too and finding a budget flight to the capital, Reykjavik, from major European cities is easier than ever. If you want to experience the rugged and unforgiving landscapes and soak in thermal baths, Iceland is a good destination for you. This Iceland travel guide describes everything you need to know about visiting the country.

Why Visit Iceland:

There are so many reasons to visit Iceland. You can spend the morning exploring the lava fields and then relax at the world famous Blue Lagoon. Some people will rent a car and take a road trip around the Ring Road, others visit the glaciers or go whale watching. The landscape is incredible and you’ll find opportunities for photographs around almost every corner.

In the summer time, you can see the midnight sun and have the freedom to go sightseeing at any time of the day. And, in the winter you can hope to see the Northern Lights. Lots of people travel to Iceland to specifically see the Northern Lights, but the country gets less than four hours of sunlight in the dead of winter. And the weather is more unpredictable. The best time to see the lights is sometime between February and March when there are about eight or nine hours of sunlight.

The Best Things to Do in Iceland:

This all depends on your personal preferences. Most tourists fly into Keflavik Airport and spend a few days in Reykjavik. The capital is small and feels more like a provincial town than the capital of one of the former wealthiest countries in Europe.

You can spend a day walking around the city and seeing its most famous landmark, Hallgrímskirkja Church. This is a giant Lutheran Church that dominates most of the skyline in Reykjavik. Another great thing to do in the capital is to walk around the lake. You can see swans and ducks, which makes a perfect photograph against the backdrop of the city.

If you have your own car, feel free to explore the surrounding areas and even drive up to the nearby town of Keflavik. This is a small town, well a village by non-Icelandic standards, with a beautiful lighthouse at the end of peninsular. Most people only come here when they arrive and depart. But, it’s also a charming little Icelandic town with lots of places to take a good photograph. When the weather is very clear, you can sometimes see the Snaefellsnes Glacier in the distance.

The Golden Circle:

Any visitor to Iceland, whether they’re self-driving or part of a tour, will do the Golden Circle. This is the most popular tourist route in the country and covers around 300 kilometers in a circular route from Reykjavik. The main stops include Thingvellir National Park, the Haukadalur Geothermal Area, and the Gullfoss Waterfall.

Thingvellir is a major historical and cultural region in Iceland and was the site of the first Icelandic parliament. The largest natural lake in the country is inside this national park. You can also see the Mid-Atlantic Ridge here, which is where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates are slowly drifting apart. This area is about 40 kilometers from Reykjavik.

Haukadalur is the home to the very active geysers and is one of the most popular things to see in the whole country. A geyser erupts hot water and steam into the air like a volcano would. The most active and reliable is Strokkur and you can expect to see this eject its contents into the air every five to six minutes. As you get to the area, you’ll walk through the hot springs along a path between the bubbling mud. If you’re lucky, you may see some of the smaller ones erupt too, but these are rarer than Strokkur. This is a perfect place for a photograph and it’s quite common for tourists to take videos of this incredible natural phenomenon. A word of warning, the water is hot and the signs are there for a reason. Tourists who stray into the places where they shouldn’t can and do suffer burns.

The final stop on the Golden Circle is Gullfoss Waterfall. This is the largest and most beautiful waterfall in Iceland. You can hear it crashing down from miles away and when you get there, the site will take your breath away. It’s a perfect place to have a photograph. But, the rocks are slippery and it can be quite dangerous. Make sure you listen to the guides and follow the safety rules.

You can visit a number of other towns and attractions on this route too. This is especially the case if you have your own car, which gives you the freedom to explore. As you’re driving down the road, follow the brown signs to serendipitous attractions or simply pull over in the parking spaces for opportunistic photographs. It goes without saying that the summer months are a better time for this when you have 20 or more hours of daylight.

The Takeaway Message:

Iceland is a great destination to experience a world that’s far from what we’re familiar with back at home. If you have the chance, rent a car and explore the country. Or, spend a day or two in the capital and take the Golden Circle tour. One thing’s for certain, a trip to Iceland won’t disappoint.

JFK Airport
Jun 19

JFK Airport Transfer Made Easy With Blacklane

By NoManToYou | Travel

Nothing makes me happier than coming across a new app or an innovative company that makes my ongoing travels easier. I have to say, with Blacklane, I’ve landed on a really neat service that works straight out of a user-friendly app. It’s done wonders in terms of using my time more effectively while I travel but, more importantly, it’s given me a reliable airport transfer service that is unrivalled. When I’m travelling to busy airports like JFK in New York, I need something that’s going to get me from the airport and into the city quickly and comfortably. Blacklane does just that, and so much more. Here’s why.

Traveling to your NYC hotel from the airport can be a stressful feat, even for the most experienced traveler, which is why you need a JFK airport transfer service you can rely on. Luckily, with Blacklane’s service, you will be well on your way into the city in no-time. Your driver will be waiting for you at the arrivals gate with a personalized sign and they will even help you with your luggage! Talk about luxury. But, let me tell you more about what makes Blacklane stand out.

JFK Airport Transfer

Unlike other services like standard taxis and Uber, you’re never having to wait for a ride or even at risk of a driver refusing your request. With the nifty Blacklane app, you can book your ride much like you would any other typical appointment. You can choose the time of pick-up as well as the vehicle you prefer. Given that, all the control is in your hands and you aren’t at the helm of a driver who may or may not pick you up. Best part? They’re available in 236 airports worldwide, so you can find them in loads of cities outside of JFK.

Here’s a quick rundown of their perks:

  • No surge pricing
  • Professionally licensed drivers that will assist you with luggage
  • Modern and safe vehicles, which are also available in three car classes for your convenience
  • Three services to choose from including, full service airport transfer, hourly hires and, classic A to B trips

It’s also worth noting that Blacklane also has included a free hour of waiting time in case baggage claim and customs are taking a little longer than expected. In the same vein, if your flight is delayed, your driver will have a flight tracker on-hand to keep them informed of your delays. So, you won’t have to worry if you ever find yourself in a bind before you meet up with your driver. I appreciate how Blacklane has made comfort and peace-of-mind priorities for clients, as most other airport transfer services seem to lack entirely on this scale.

Blacklane is one of the most innovative airport service solutions out there. Navigating out of a chaotic airport can set off your trip on the wrong foot, but Blacklane eliminates any stress whatsoever. Next time you find yourself in JFK, or any of the 236 cities they service, give them a try!

Jun 09

Travel Tips for Los Cabos That You Should Know

By NoManToYou | Uncategorized

Most days are a sunny day at Los Cabos on the southern tip of the Baja Peninsular in Mexico. This makes it a perfect place to come to relax on the beach for a few days and to get involved with water sports. There are lots of things to do in this popular destination that ranges from snorkeling to fine dining and mountain biking in the desert and mountains. And it’s a good destination for travelers on any budget. Some people come here in luxury and stay in 5-star resorts or vacation rentals in Los Cabos whereas others are on a tighter budget in the guesthouses and hostels. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, you still need to stay safe and be savvy in this destination. Here are 10 essential tips to make your trip perfect.

1# Don’t Let Your Guard Down Too Much:

This may have a reputation for being one of the safest resorts in Mexico, but it still doesn’t mean that you can wave around your expensive gear. Pickpockets and petty theft are still common and someone is likely to snatch any valuables that you leave on the table. There may not be a high risk of being mugged at gunpoint, but you may have your camera stolen.

2# The Roads in Mexico are Very Different:

Driving is more erratic and less controlled in Mexico compared to the United States. A car may not stop to allow a pedestrian to cross or even show any regards for the safety of others. Sidewalks may be full of holes, which makes it dangerous to walk around. Take caution when you’re out walking and crossing the roads.

3# Don’t Drive in Mexico:

This point is related to the one above. If this is your first time visiting Mexico, then it’s safe to say that it’s probably not the best idea to rent a car. It may seem cheap and give you flexibility but you’re also a risk of being involved in an accident. You should also avoid driving unless you can speak Spanish at a reasonable level.

4# Avoid Drugs:

Cabo has a reputation for being a party capital of the region and it’s not uncommon for hordes of young Americans to come here for a good time. This is all well and good if you behave yourself and don’t get involved in things that you shouldn’t. Drugs are freely available and cheap in Mexico and it may seem like a good idea at the time. But trust me, it isn’t. Drug laws are draconian and police officers tend to be corrupt. Nothing good will come out of buying something from the dodgy character inside the bar.

5# The Pacific Ocean is Dangerous:

It may tempting to go for a dip in the Ocean when you’re relaxing on the beaches along the coast. You may be sat there watching surfers or others in rented boats and want to join them. Before you do, remember that the Pacific Ocean is volatile and has its fair share of riptides and rogue waves. Swimming can be dangerous for even the strongest of swimmers. And, the boats and equipment may not be in the best conditions, which increases your risk even more.

los cabos

Image from Pixabay

6# Don’t Get Ripped Off:

This tip is true for most destinations around the world and is particularly true for places in Mexico. When a vendor sees a gringo who can’t speak their language, more likely that not you’re going to get a higher price. This may be difficult to avoid as most prices aren’t fixed. However, you can protect yourself more by knowing what the going rates are and to be aware of the exchange rate. A few words of Spanish will help you along too.

7# The Sun is Your Enemy:

The sun is very hot in Los Cabos and sitting on the beach or being exposed for a short time can give you burns. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook sunscreen and protecting yourself when you first arrive. Always make sure you wear sunscreen. Another important thing to keep hydrated and drink plenty of water, especially if you’ve been sipping beers or cocktails all day.

8# Don’t Drink the Tap Water:

Hygiene in Mexico isn’t at the same level as in the United States or other countries. Drinking tap water can lead to diarrhea and stomach problems. You should drink bottled water and brush your teeth with something that has been purified too. It’s also worth pointing out that not all restaurants and bars use clean water. This can also lead to stomach problems.

9# Expect Vendors to Keep Bothering You:

The vendors want to make money and generally make a huge profit from selling to tourists. You’re no exception. If you don’t want anything, give them a polite no and walk away. Just because they keep following you and keep trying to sell you something, you’re not obliged to buy it.

10# Always Negotiate with a Taxi First:

This is another common sense tip that’s applicable to most countries. In Los Cabos, taxis don’t always use a meter. You should ask before getting inside and agree on a price first. It may seem obvious, but after a few drinks and being sat under the sun all day, it’s easy to forget.

The Takeaway Message:

While Los Cabos is a relatively safe place to visit in Mexico, you still need to protect yourself. After all, your perfect holiday can be ruined in a second by a little bit of carelessness.



May 25

Is It Proven That Marijuana Can Spur Creativity In The Brain?

By NoManToYou | Life

When most people imagine a stoner, they picture someone who is baked out of their mind, sitting on the couch, watching television. This image, while it can be accurate sometimes, doesn’t paint the whole picture of smoking weed. As it turns out, depending on the kind you get, medical cannabis can actually help you become more creative. Artists of all mediums have discovered that taking a hit can do wonders for their process, but why does it happen?

The Strain: Indica or Sativa

First of all, not all marijuana is the same. As such, its effect on your body and your brain will vary depending on the kind you get. While there are hundreds of different blends out there, the two primary versions of the plant are Indica and Sativa. The former helps you relax and fall asleep, hence the stoner watching TV. The latter, however, stimulates the brain in various ways, which is what helps with creativity.

Potency of THC

A recent study from the Netherlands wanted to see the effects of pot on creative thinking by having patients work on problem-solving in two different ways. Divergent thinking, which is when you come up with various solutions, and convergent thinking, which is when you decide on the best solution and move forward.

According to the results, smoking helped greatly with divergent thinking, but only when THC doses were low (around 5%). If they were higher, then it seemed to stunt the creative process significantly.

Cannabis Delivery in Torrance

So, if you are interested in seeing how marijuana can stimulate your brain, you might want to check out local weed delivery in your area. Because dosage matters, you can also use other weed-related products, such as the Whoopi and Maya rub and buy online.

Overall, if you’re a heavy smoker, don’t expect to create a masterpiece anytime soon, but a couple of puffs can help open your mind.

mobile payments
May 23

What are some ways mobile payments will revolutionize your business?

By NoManToYou | Technology

Mobile payments are a new way that business owners are extending their reach. With a portable swipe machine, your business can easily be on the go, offering services with payments on-site or product delivery. There are many ways that going mobile can help your business to reach a wider audience of consumers and build a stronger bottom line. Read on to see how you can benefit.

Branching Out

Depending on the type of business you operate, you will find that mobile payments will be of benefit by allowing you to branch out with your product or service offering. Consider a company that offers food delivery service. In the past, deliveries would require cash payment on site or check. With a portable card reader, your delivery personnel can take credit or debit card payments. This opens up your business to more customers as consumers in today’s society pay more with plastic than cash money.


A great way to open up your business to new markets is to take part in events or conventions. A free credit card machine reader allows you to take your business on the go. Gone are the days when a traditional card reader has to be lugged around and connected to a cash register. Simply use the mobile option to be able to provide a method of payment for customers. Easily keep track of sales information and be paid quickly when using such options as the mobile credit card payment solutions from Merchant Account Solutions.

At Merchant Account Solutions, business owners have access to a mobile credit card processor, helping to assist with quick and simple payment methods for your customers. One option is to use an iPhone or iPad to install the SmartSwipe mobile card reader. This turns your mobile device into a debit or credit terminal. Have access to signature capture, tip functions, tax calculator, text and email receipts and more.

By integrating mobile solutions into your business, you have yet another level of service to provide your customers which means even more business for you!