Great Places To Visit In UK – Beyond London.

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Jan 15
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So you have been to London, where to next?

London is one of the great cosmopolitan cities to visit, with loads to see and do. Whether you are after museums, shopping malls or just some sightseeing, there is something for every type of traveler. However, London is often compared to similar cities in Western Europe. So with that in mind, there are hundreds of great spots to visit around United Kingdom besides London. Below are just a few great places to go to on your travels.


For summery weather, go to Edinburgh! Filled with art festivals, a great comedy scene and spectacular scenery, Edinburgh is a wonderful choose to experience a culturally steeped city. If you are into museums, the National Museum of Scotland will give you a nice taster of country’s history. Believe it of not, you’ll see more than just scotch whiskey, kilts and medieval swords!

Moving on a little further, in Glasgow, art fans will really love the stunning art gallery and museum at Kelvingrove.

On the Northwesterly side of Scotland, little towns such as Torridon offer visitors nice surprises like sea-life tours, yachting, and camping for those of you who like the outdoors.


King of the castle? Inverness, Cardiff, Windsor and Skye sports some nice castles where the grandeur of the nation’s intricate past is on full display. Scotland is home to the famous Stirling Castle. However, if you are not going that far up north, check out somewhere closer to London, maybe Leeds Castle in the southeast of the city. There are a number of chartered buses in operation from tour companies to drive you between castles, so do your research prior to your trip to find the best options and prices.


A medieval city and home to Canterbury Cathedral and St. Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury was a major pilgrimage location for many years, boasting a fascinating rich history. Regardless of if you don’t like or don’t want organised tour guides, Canterbury is definitely one place where you will miss out if you don’t hire one.


To gain more knowledge and historical insight, check out Southampton, York, Manchester, Liverpool or basically any of the cities that have something unique in their history. For example, Southampton, was the port where the famous Titanic departed from back in 1912. It also houses the SeaCity Museum. Whereas Manchester on the other hand, sports the National Football Museum for any of you die-hard soccer fans (we call it football in the UK). If transportation and infrastructure is your thing, then York has a whole museum dedicated to trains and railroads and better again it is free in! Beatles fan? Liverpool is the place for you, with the dedicated Beatles museum. Also check out The Beatles Story while you’re there.


Fields of real flowers are nice and all, but what if you could experience blooms that live forever? Well, you can in Hull! Celebrating the City of Culture 2017, an annual event held all over the world in an effort to celebrate a city’s vibrancy culture, people and arts point of view — Hull houses a field of yellow flowers, in King Edward Square. What’s the catch? The more than 1,700 flowers are made out of nearly 147,000 bricks of Lego!


With many charms, in the southwest of the Cotswolds region, this place is not to be missed. As it is further away from London, it is not as over run as other regions. A little town with cobblestoned streets, boasting vintage shops and artisan breweries among the bustling markets, Stroud manages to offer a charming history as well as the modern requirements of today’s traveler. 



A lovely little historic town, Rye is similar to other market based towns across Britain. However, what makes this place special is its location on the Romney marshes. This is along the edge of one of the longest beaches on the South coast. Staying in town? Expect to rummage through the antique shops and wander through the alleys and battlements.

Glamping tickle your fancy?

On the other end of the spectrum of hustle and bustle is being out in the open with nature. Maybe part of your trip requires some nice relaxing down time int he countryside. Then glamping is ideal for you, giving you a glorified camping experience.

Roulotte Retreat, Melrose

Hide away from the cold in a traditional Gypsy’s caravan at the Roulotte Retreat in Melrose on the Scottish border. With the Eildon Hills overlooking, each caravan has its own style and flavour to it influenced from Morocco, Celtic and Indian cultures.

Back to London maybe?

If you are a first timer to London, maybe you want to spend more of your trip there. Great! It’s pretty easy to make your way over to Cambridge, where you’ll find the Fitzwilliam Museum and of course the Cambridge University Botanical Gardens.

If you ware looking for nice beaches, then Southend-on-Sea is a stunning destination.

For a countryside shopping experience, High Wycombe will tickle your fancy and has some amazing architecture to keep you gazing and questioning.

Budgets and more information

With the economy starting to recover and all of the rustle and bustle with Brexit, the travel industry will probably take much longer to reach maximum capacity once again. For you the traveler, this is great because it means competition among tourism and travel companies will remain competitive giving you a great number of choices for all budgets!

If you are traveling from outside of Europe, for now, make sure you have the correct visa and that your passport is in date (the visa will depend on how long you intend to stay for).

Do your research based on where you want to go, find out costs, the pros and cons of the area and the best times to book and you’ll be on your way!

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