Is It Proven That Marijuana Can Spur Creativity In The Brain?

By NoManToYou | Life

May 25

When most people imagine a stoner, they picture someone who is baked out of their mind, sitting on the couch, watching television. This image, while it can be accurate sometimes, doesn’t paint the whole picture of smoking weed. As it turns out, depending on the kind you get, medical cannabis can actually help you become more creative. Artists of all mediums have discovered that taking a hit can do wonders for their process, but why does it happen?

The Strain: Indica or Sativa

First of all, not all marijuana is the same. As such, its effect on your body and your brain will vary depending on the kind you get. While there are hundreds of different blends out there, the two primary versions of the plant are Indica and Sativa. The former helps you relax and fall asleep, hence the stoner watching TV. The latter, however, stimulates the brain in various ways, which is what helps with creativity.

Potency of THC

A recent study from the Netherlands wanted to see the effects of pot on creative thinking by having patients work on problem-solving in two different ways. Divergent thinking, which is when you come up with various solutions, and convergent thinking, which is when you decide on the best solution and move forward.

According to the results, smoking helped greatly with divergent thinking, but only when THC doses were low (around 5%). If they were higher, then it seemed to stunt the creative process significantly.

Cannabis Delivery in Torrance

So, if you are interested in seeing how marijuana can stimulate your brain, you might want to check out local weed delivery in your area. Because dosage matters, you can also use other weed-related products, such as the Whoopi and Maya rub and buy online.

Overall, if you’re a heavy smoker, don’t expect to create a masterpiece anytime soon, but a couple of puffs can help open your mind.

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