How Staying in an Airport Hotel Can Save You Money

By NoManToYou | Technology

Jul 15

No matter how much we all love traveling, there is a shared feeling that the act of traveling can wear one down. As much as many people do enjoy the act of flying and the experience of going to new places it can be a tiring process. Despite assumptions some travelers have, staying in at an airport hotel may actually save you money in the long run.

Many people have spoken about being on the fence in terms of whether or not they were going to stay in an airport hotel. Read on to see how you may actually save more money in the long run by choosing to book airport hotels.

Save Money

Don’t make the mistake to assume that airport hotels are automatically going to cost a lot more. In many instances, especially if you book ahead, airport hotels are on par with competitors in the area. There is also the cost associated with getting to a “cheaper” hotel outside the airport. Bear in mind too that if you are coming and going at late evening or early morning, most taxi companies will charge an even higher rate to drive you around at those times. So make sure you factor in all the costs associated with your room.

Save Time

Undoubtedly, staying at an airport hotel will save you time. Even in the best case scenario that your plane arrives on time, you quickly gather your luggage, walk out to a line of taxis and there is someone there ready to take you away, that still can add up to a lot time. Not to mention that not all taxi drivers are the same. There has been plenty a driver lost in the middle of the night trying to find your cheap hotel only to take you around in circles before finally delivering you to your location. Whether you are traveling for business or for a vacation trip, you want to maximize all the time you can.

Earn Rewards

The great news is in many instances not only can you be saving time and money, most likely you will be able to earn some great reward points. Many hotel offers are from the Hilton, Marriot, Radisson, Holiday Inn, Premier Inn and other major hotel lines.

Be Refreshed

Perhaps still one of the biggest benefits to booking an airport hotel is you will be more refreshed and better able to ward off the ill effects of jet lag. Even if you do not have terribly long lay overs, if it’s enough to catch a few hours of shut eye, it might be well worth it for you. If you are traveling for business, ensuring you are well rested to make the best decisions possible will be a key component to making the most of your trip. If you are traveling for leisure or recreation, you will want to be able to maximize all of your precious vacation time. You want to do everything you can to lessen jet lag and traveler fatigue so you can enjoy as much of your trip as possible.

As you plan out your next business trip or vacation, don’t assume that staying in an airport hotel will cost you more money. In a lot of ways, it can save you a lot more than money in the end.

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