What are some ways mobile payments will revolutionize your business?

By NoManToYou | Technology

May 23
mobile payments

Mobile payments are a new way that business owners are extending their reach. With a portable swipe machine, your business can easily be on the go, offering services with payments on-site or product delivery. There are many ways that going mobile can help your business to reach a wider audience of consumers and build a stronger bottom line. Read on to see how you can benefit.

Branching Out

Depending on the type of business you operate, you will find that mobile payments will be of benefit by allowing you to branch out with your product or service offering. Consider a company that offers food delivery service. In the past, deliveries would require cash payment on site or check. With a portable card reader, your delivery personnel can take credit or debit card payments. This opens up your business to more customers as consumers in today’s society pay more with plastic than cash money.


A great way to open up your business to new markets is to take part in events or conventions. A free credit card machine reader allows you to take your business on the go. Gone are the days when a traditional card reader has to be lugged around and connected to a cash register. Simply use the mobile option to be able to provide a method of payment for customers. Easily keep track of sales information and be paid quickly when using such options as the mobile credit card payment solutions from Merchant Account Solutions.

At Merchant Account Solutions, business owners have access to a mobile credit card processor, helping to assist with quick and simple payment methods for your customers. One option is to use an iPhone or iPad to install the SmartSwipe mobile card reader. This turns your mobile device into a debit or credit terminal. Have access to signature capture, tip functions, tax calculator, text and email receipts and more.

By integrating mobile solutions into your business, you have yet another level of service to provide your customers which means even more business for you!

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